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The Times We Live In

We live in a critical time on the planet. A time of great challenge but also great opportunity. A time when people from every continent, every race and creed, are being called upon to remember the Original Instructions given to humanity so we can collectively restore balance. 

The earth is demanding that we place nature back in the center of Life, and our hearts are simultaneously longing for this healing. Sisters and brothers, we want to ask you...

Do you feel like you’re living in these times for a greater purpose? Do you hear the call to stand with Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth? Are you ready to open your heart and step into a powerful mission on behalf of Life?

The Importance of Primary Forests

As Indigenous peoples of the Amazon, we understand the very real threats of climate crisis and the importance of preserving Primary Forests.

Earth’s remaining Primary Forests, including the Amazon, are irreplaceable. They are critical to saving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, ensuring planetary health and preventing zoonotic disease outbreaks, enabling the culture and livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples, and maintaining healthy freshwater supply.

The world’s forests store massive amounts of carbon (at least 862 Gt of carbon, more than in all known oil and coal reserves combined, and more than is currently in the atmosphere), and Primary Forests store far more carbon than degraded forests or tree plantations per square mile due to their old trees, biodiversity and ecosystem integrity. The world’s primary tropical forests alone store enough carbon to push the planet over the 1.5 °C threshold, even if we end fossil fuel emissions tomorrow. 

The Problem

Even though the Amazon is vital for protecting Life on earth, our lands are under constant threat and pressure from corporate interest. Recent occurrences in Brazil are setting the stage for an irreversible climate catastrophe that could be felt around the globe for generations. Right now, the Amazon is being attacked on multiple social, environmental and cultural fronts, at unprecedented levels.

Communities like the Kuntanawa protect the fate of vital natural carbon-storage rainforests that could very well determine the survival of our species and our ability to prevent irreversible climate disasters. It is vital that indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazon are empowered on the frontlines as Guardians of the Forest, because what happens here happens to all of us and future generations.

This is where you come in.

The Solution

Indigenous-led solutions are needed now more than ever. The Kuntanawa Nation and our network of more than 30 Indigenous and non-indigenous communities are organizing and building replicable project systems of sustainability, rainforest preservation, and cultural reconstruction in the Amazon. The livelihood, wellbeing and prosperity of these communities are vital pieces in the work of solving our global climate goals and challenges and to preserve the greatest carbon capturing systems available, intact rainforests.

But we cannot do this alone. We need people from every walk of life to support us in this mission. We need our message to be spread far and wide, and we also need financial support.

By becoming a Kuntanawa Guardian, you become a Guardian of the Forest Guardians here in our frontline communities. You help to preserve and protect the Amazon Rainforest and our Indigenous way of life that is inseparable from the forest. This is a way to stand with us in solidarity and support.

Step into the Heart of our Mission

We are calling individuals to step into this mission and make it their own, not only through monthly financial contributions but also through advocacy. This Ambassador Program is a way for you to bring this mission to your platforms, spread our message, and make a public stand for the Amazon and for Life.

What’s included in this Ambassador Program:

  • News from the Kuntanawa that includes specific actions to support our shared mission.
  • Actions will often include promotional materials and shareable content to create viral attention. If you are an influencer or have a social media presence, this is an opportunity to use your platform to further our mission.
  • Regular live calls & opportunities to gather virtually with the Kuntanawa.
  • A private online platform community.
  • All funds generated from the Ambassador Program go directly to the Kuntanawa.